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THE MASTER RETURNS! The blockbuster Audi RS6 is back, in grand style

If one motorcar of the past quarter of a century has impressed Iain Robertson more than any other, it is the Audi RS6 Avant and the all-new, imperious, ‘master of all it surveys’ is being readied for January 2020 deliveries in its most competent form ever.

Sixth-gen L200 warrants gamechanger status for Mitsubishi’s pickup legend

Tough, unrelenting and largely unbreakable, reports Iain Robertson, are all descriptive terms that can be applied to Mitsubishi’s outstanding L200 truck, as he tackles rally stage, road sections and load configurations to test its mettle to the max.

Kamiq produces no surprises from Skoda’s SUV bag

We were the first to preview Skoda’s new urban runabout, writes Iain Robertson, and now we bring you more details of this excellent newcomer to the Skoda fold but we also issue words of caution, if your expectations are for something more radical.

Mild hybrid technology turns costly Range Rover into intriguing newcomer

Having reiterated recently that electrification would feature on the majority of Jaguar Land Rover’s models, highlights Iain Robertson, led our man to grab the opportunity for a test drive of the company’s latest P400 HST with a renewed sense of vigour.

Model 3 gives Tesla a means to tackle midfield EV demands

American though it be, avant-garde though it be, Tesla knows how to tickle the tonsils of those people wishing to taste a no-nonsense EV, reports Iain Robertson, and with Performance and Long-Range variants available, he sampled the base model.

You can expect Vauxhall to get Corsa right, after five generations

When the first 1993 Vauxhall Corsa was landed in the UK, reports Iain Robertson, it was based on the Opel Corsa and marked a pan-European model change from a sub-compact favourite that was known as Nova, the nemesis to the Ford Fiesta.

Drop-top T-Roc fills a niche that VW believes it can serve

While removable roof versions of some cars do have a place in either the UK, or sunnier climes, highlights Iain Robertson, he urges caution to the German carmaker, as the convertible version of the Range Rover Evoque has been a flop.

“Speak English!”, says Jaguar to the Oxford Dictionary

Famed for pulling some remarkable publicity and promotional stunts, reports Iain Robertson, to a certain extent, you cannot feel anything but sympathy for Jaguar Cars, which is now requesting that the renowned reference book redefines ‘car’.

Entry-level E-Tron makes Audi more affordable

One of the biggest barriers to the uptake rate of EVs is astronomically steep price tags, reports Iain Robertson, but Audi, which normally does not shirk from high prices, has determined that a lower entry-point will help move more E-Trons.

Just how fast, or furious, is the most successful movie series of all time?

We all love movies that feature fast cars and chases, states Iain Robertson, which has made movies like Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds and The French Connection more than mere cult classics, yet the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise is now into its eighth episode!

New 7-seater is pragmatic and effective GLB from Mercedes-Benz

Every now and then, writes Iain Robertson, a new model arrives (or will in December) that makes you step back in amazement but demands a closer look, because it bucks trends in several key areas and may even change your views.

Restored Bentley Corniche provides vital ‘missing link’

Lots of car companies have sought to create ‘classic collections’, highlights Iain Robertson, as a means to showcase their historical relevance but, for Bentley, the process with just one car was not just time-consuming but demanded intense expertise.

Continental driving tips

If you are headed for Europe by car this summer, states Iain Robertson, please be aware of a few ‘When in Rome…’ rules, in order to avoid feeling the long arm of the Gendarmerie, Carabinieri, Policia, Polizei and the Police all over the EU.

Land Rover supports Castle Trek

Despite a lack of national supply contract to the British Armed Forces, writes Iain Robertson, Land Rover recognises its value to the community, as the leading manufacturer of 4x4 vehicles that also holds a much-valued place in the military scene. 

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